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Experience ourFoot Services & Treatments 

Closeup photo of a beautiful female feet

The Meticulous Pedicure

This is the most luxurious and complete pedicure you will ever experience.  We start with an assessment of your individual needs. We spray each foot with a refreshing, cooling, antiseptic spray and inspect each foot for callouses, dry skin, and other known issues and address them.  We continue with a shaping of your natural nail, sealing the free edges naturally to keep toenail edges smooth and help with ingrown toenails or sharp edges. We then place the feet in our exclusive foot steam sauna and let your feet steam in a fragrant essential oil steam sauna to begin your experience and soften the skin without soaking it in water which plumps the tissue and nails. After your foot sauna is complete, we apply a callous reducing treatment and continue with a cuticle treatment to soften the dead cuticle releasing it from the living tissue, leaving your nails looking fresh, supple and clean. We reduce and smooth the callouses with a single use, disposable, professional, podiatric abrasive.  Then, continuing your service with a mineral scrub of your choice that gently polishes and super-conditions the foot removing the final layers of dead skin. It contains a blend of mineral salts, refined sugar cane, jojoba soft-beads and essential oils which vary depending on the scrub you select. We continue by deeply moisturizing  with a moisture packed foot masque that deeply conditions and refines the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. It contains a moisturizing blend of essential oils, minerals and vitamins to stimulate and rejuvenate tired feet, making them feel new and super soft.  We then wrap the feet in a warm moist towel to push the moisture deeply into the layers of skin relaxing the muscles. After removing the masque, we apply a silky-smooth foot  lotion from the knee to the tips of your toes that quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a soft, satin feel in a fragrance of your choice while performing a relaxing massage to complete your experience.  We finish with a polish of your choice. You can choose a 7 day polish or a 14+ day gel polish. 

The Meticulous Pedicure with a 7 day polish..............$70.00

Allow 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

The Meticulous Pedicure with a Gel 14+ day polish...............$80.00

Allow 1 hour and 30 minutes

The Essential Pedicure 

This is a wonderful alternative to the Meticulous Pedicure when time is an issue.  We start with an assessment of your individual needs and continue with an antiseptic cleanse,  then shaping of your natural nail, sealing the free edges naturally to help to ensure smooth edges and preventing ingrown toenails . We follow the shaping with a cuticle treatment to soften the dead cuticle releasing it from the living tissue leaving your nails looking fresh and clean.  It is a complete detailing of the nail plate and cuticle area, followed by a thorough massage of the lower calf and foot with a silky-smooth lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a soft, satin feel and a clean fragrance loaded with a unique blend of essential oils and vitamin E. Finally, your nails are polished to perfection with a color of your choice in either a 7+ day polish or a 14+ day gel polish.Allow 45 minutes. 

The Essential Pedicure with a 7+ day polish..............$40.00

Allow 1 hour.

The Essential Pedicure with a Gel 14+ day polish..............$50.00

Allow 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

The Heated Deep Moisturizing Paraffin Treatment w/ Meticulous Pedicure..............$10.00

Allow 15 minutes additional to your pedicure time.

The Heated Deep Moisturizing Paraffin Treatment for Feet (alone)..............$20.00

Allow 20 minutes if a stand alone treatment.

Polish change for Feet  (7 day polish).................$20.00

Allow 25 minutes.

Polish change for Feet  (14+ day  Gel polish) ...............$30.00

Allow 30 minutes.

Callous Reduction Services..............$25.00 scheduled weekly for 8 treatments consecutively.

                                                   .............$35.00 scheduled every 2 weeks for  8 treatments consecutively.

                                                   .............$25.00 one time reduction only. Must be scheduled with a pedicure.

This is a weekly service designed to gradually reduce and smooth callouses that have become thick, cracked and painful over time. These types of callouses cannot, and should never be, removed in one service with a razor or a shaving tool of any kind. Callous shavers and razors are illegal to use and are not recommended. The callous should gently and regularly softened and reduced. If the callous is drastically reduced in one session,  the callous will end up coming back thicker than previously experienced, let alone, the soft tissue underneath is not prepared to be exposed and could potentially crack open and bleed causing unnecessary pain. This is the reason a callous appears in the first place. It is the body's own defense against excessive rubbing and wear of the feet and elbows. Let us help you achieve the smooth, healthy feet that you desire.  **This service can also be performed on the elbows and knees.  Please ask for details. 

Waterless Services: 

All of our manicure and pedicure services are "Waterless".  We have found through education and experience, that water promotes the growth of bacteria and other unwanted organisms that can be unhealthy and do not ensure a clean and healthy salon environment.  Water is also a great dehydrator. It removes natural beneficial oils and plumps the skin making it difficult to determine which tissue is live and which is non living for removal. Polish lasts much longer and the pedicure services are far more effective without the use of water soaks.  Once you experience our waterless services, you will never want to go back to a traditional water soaked service. We guarantee it! 

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